"Behind the scenes of a great exhibition there is a team working across the board to bring a great show to life"


ViDi cultural conceives, produces, and organizes exhibitions, ensuring direct, competent management of all aspects of the project. The ViDi team is composed of professionals in relevant fields who work with passion and commitment to make sure every project is a one-of-a-kind success. Reliability, speed, and experience make ViDi the best partner for the concept, management, and development of all phases in the staging of a major exhibition.

The name ViDi derives from “Visit Differently”, the philosophy that underpins all ViDi projects.

Visit Differently” is a new way of conceiving and staging exhibitions that explores original formulas for presenting the works and constructing the exhibition itinerary to make an exhibition an emotionally stimulating, intense, and unique experience.


What we do

  • exhibition production and organization
  • exhibition venue management
  • technical design, loan negotiations and coordination
  • integrated communication and PR, press and social media office
  • exhibition design
  • contemporary art and art events relating to fashion and design


Lo staff

  • Managing director: Fabio Sanvito
  • Exhibition manager: Linda Romano
  • Registrar: Michela Zanon